Onca Glass Drill Bit (4 Cut Type)
Product Description

ONCA Glass Drill Bit (4 Cut Type)

  • Tin Coated Carbide point with 4 cutting edges.
  • Durable several times than general drill bit.
  • Capable on drills glass, ceramic,wood,metal,plastic,tile,cement and more.
  • Strong toughness and wear resistance.

Options Size :

Glass Drill Bit M5 X 65 1/4"HEX 171999001

Glass Drill Bit M6 X 65 1/4"HEX 171999002

Glass Drill Bit M8 X 65 1/4"HEX 171999003

Glass Drill Bit M10 X 65 1/4"HEX 171999004

Glass Drill Bit M12 X 65 1/4"HEX 171999005

S$ 2.80
(exc. GST)
S$ 3.00
(inc. GST)
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