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Olee Dehumidifier Rod OL12

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Model: OL12
Brand: OLEE

Product Details

  • CONTROL and ELIMINATE MOISTURE in wardrobes and storage areas permanently with the OleeRod Dehumidifier.
  • Perfect for eliminating moisture in cupboards and wardrobes, pantries, engine room, gear lockers, electronics, galley, berths and bilges.
  • OleeRod Dehumidifier invisibly protects your belongings from problems associated with damp and humidity.
  • Once positioned, the OleeRod needs no attention and is to be on continuously.

Model: OL12
Size: 12"

Model: OL18
Size: 18"

Model: OL24
Size: 24"

Model: OL30
Size: 30"

S$ 59.90

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