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Npc 240l Plastic Garbage Bin NWB240

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Model: NWB240
Brand: NPC

Product Details

Caution for container application

  1. Be cautious when opening and closing the lid since it may cause injury to your hand. When moving the product with the caster, be cautious not to injure your feet.
  2. The content may freeze during the winter season, causing an inconvenience for the user. However, do not inflict any impact from the outside, such as by using pipe, since it can cause a breakage.
  3. When food waste is to be collected by a waste food truck, make sure the forklift and the front of the food waste container are safely locked in place prior to operation. Be cautious since insecure setting may cause the food waste containers to fall off.
  4. If the part for fork insertion is damaged in anyway, the container may fall off the waste truck. Do not use the product with such damage since it can be hazardous.
  5. If the weight of the content exceeds the proof load weight the caster may come off. Do not use the product with excessively heavy content.
  6. Be cautious since excessive impact may cause breakage of the container. Do not use the container for any other purposes than as a waste container. Especially not for storing vegetables.
  7. When stacking the containers for used fluorescent light, always check to see if the reinforcing bar is placed inside the container. If the containers are stacked with reinforcing bar placed to the outside, it may cause fluorescent lights to break. For your safety do not stack more than 5 containers high. For the safety of the operator, use the containers in a place that's easy for stationing, removal and for carrying.
  8. Make sure to use the product under the temperature of 80 Degree Celsius. Be cautious since if the product is used over 80 Degree Celsius, the insulting material placed inside may shrink, causing it not only to make a noise but to lose its insulating property.

Recycling Waste Baskets NWB240

The Handles and casters are attached for easy transportation, even on stairways or unpaved roads. The state of the art computerized design makes it convenient to be used by homemakers and the attached lid makes it hygienic, preventing unpleasant odor from escaping and insects from getting in. It will be more effective if they are used in public places such as residential areas, apartment complexes, and on the side of the roads, to collect recycled wastes.

Specifications - NWB240

  • Dimension: 585 x 715 x 1075 mm
  • Material: HDPE
  • Internal capacity: 240 L
  • Development date: 31/01/1994


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