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Norton Vitrium 3 Straight Wheel Ao Grinding Wheel, 150mm, Grit P60
Norton Vitrium 3 Straight Wheel Ao Grinding Wheel, 150mm, Grit P60
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Norton VITRIUM 3 Grinding Wheels

The new VITRIUM 3 grinding wheels from Norton utilise a revolutionary bond platform, features an exclusive chemistry that delivers an entirely new grain adhesion science. Provides increased porosity, resulting in improved product versatility across a wide range of precision grinding applications. Vitrium 3 enables the wheel to cut more freely, improving cut rate and also minimises heat build-up, reducing burn, power consumption and grinding forces.

Features and Benefits

Superior grain holding properties
Improving wheel form and corner holding
Provides the ultimate wheel strength
Lighter construction

Cool Cutting

Superior grain clearance
Cooler cutting
Improved part quality and integrity

Precise Profile

Superior profile holding
Reduces dressing time and dresser wear
Significant reduction in process cost

High Speed

Machines can work at higher feed rates, speed and pressure
Optimises existing equipment
Improves process time and throughput

Application Information

Designed for metal removal, deburring, shaping and sharpening needs


Abrasive Material - Aluminium Oxide

Grit Size - P60

Diameter - 150mm

Width - 20mm

Bore Size - 31.75mm

Maximum Safe Speed - 4660rpm

Wheel Type - Grinding Wheel


Series - Straight Wheel

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