Nikken Resibon Steel Cutting Disc
Nikken Resibon Steel Cutting Disc
Brand:Nikken Resibon
Product Description

Nikken Resibon Steel Cutting Disc

  • Aluminum oxide resin bonded: For
  • Silicon carbide resin bonded: For masonry
  • Available with round hole or diamond
  • Heavy Duty and high performance

Nikken ResibonTM resin-bonded cut-off wheels are manufactured with special high quality fiber reinforcements bearing high tensile strength and shock absorbing characteristics. Our cut-off wheels are produced with Single
(1) Double (2) reinforcement fibers to provide fast cutting, minimal burrs, and durability and operator safety.

  • Consistent High Quality & Safety

Through the wide use of automated & computer controlled manufacturing facilities, such as automatic press system, bell type kiln (Vickley), finishing machines and a stringent quality abrasive wheels.

S$ 0.60 – S$ 4.86
(exc. GST)
S$ 0.64 - S$ 5.20
(inc. GST)
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