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Neutral Lane Marking Tape 30m

Model: LMT-30m
Brand: Neutral

Product Details

Neutral Lane Marking Tape 30m

General Purpose Tape for non-critical applications. Used for marking, colour coding, protruding equipment, or preventing accidents in factories, warehouses and hospitals.

The purpose of this tape it to identify and bundle objects together. The tape is vinyl coated with a rubber adhesive and designed for use as a marking tape for a variety of warning applications. The rubber adhesive offers a quick adhesion and a good holding strength on many materials. Unlike messy paint solutions, this vinyl tape is quick to install and easy to clean up. Maintaining vivid colour and instant adhesion make this lane marking tape a good choice for marking and warning applications on floors, equipment, walls and pipes.


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S$ 4.60S$ 109.60(exc. GST)
S$ 4.92 - S$ 117.27(inc. GST)

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