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Multi-purpose Hook Add-on for Kitchen Cabinet and Bedroom Wardrobe

Model: HPM-0014
Brand: OEM

Product Details


  • Length: 18cm
  • Width: 8.5cm
  • Height: 8cm


Key Features

  • Painted iron design with rust resistance
  • Can be placed in wardrobe as an extra extension for hanging items
  • Round hook edges for better protections when hanging your items


About The Product

If your home has a tight kitchen space (or even wardrobe), this Multipurpose Creative Hook should be the item you need to make your space neat and tidy again!

With simple lay out design, the Creative Hook can attach itself like a paperclip to your kitchen cabinet. Utilize more space for storing items.

The 8 point out hooks is designed in round edges, which would not cause damages/harm to fabric material such as towel, or even shirts, pants and dresses in your wardrobe.


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SGD 9.90

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