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Microfiber Screen Cleaner in Pouch

Model: GSKU1059
Brand: Others

Product Details

Microfiber Screen Cleaner in Pouch

Microfiber cloth to remove any debris or oil from your binoculars, spotting scope, camera lens, or glasses. Micro-fiber cloth attached inside a neoprene pouch complete with a hook to attach to the camera, binoculars, bag, belt. The pouch offers protection and storage for the microfibre cloth while the snap hook or elastic cord provides convenient ways to keep it where you need it. Will safely clean scratch sensitive surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals. Just hand wash with mild detergent and hang with cloth extended to let air dry.

Packaging: Individual Poly Bag

Dimension: Cloth - 15cm x 15cm, Pouch - 4cm x 4.5cm

Material: Microfiber Cloth, Neoprene Pouch

Color: Black, Blue, White

Please contact us for customisation options.


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S$ 1.04(exc. GST)
S$ 1.11(inc. GST)
Minimum order of 30pcs, in Sets of 1

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