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Mecsealant Thread Sealant Mts

Model: MTS542
Brand: MecSealant

Product Details

MecSealant Thread Sealant MTS

MTS542 Thread sealant

Applies to Fine threads


  • Thixotropic, low viscosity, medium strength
  • Contains no filler and will not foul or contaminate pipeline system


  • Used for sealing fine threads in pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
  • Typically used for sealing fine tape thread under M36.

MTS545 Thread sealant

Applies For hydraulic and pneumatic pipeline thread sealing


Thixotropic, low viscosity, low strength

  • Good oil tolerance, can be used on surfaces with slight oil contamination
  • Contains no fillers and will not foul or contaminate pipeline system


  • Typically used for sealing and locking high hydraulic pressure power system, ideal for under M36 tapered thread
  • Will not foul or jam hydraulic and pneumatic fittings on surface, can be used with slight oil contamination.

MTS567 Thread sealant

Applies to Coarse thread sealing


  • Low strength, coarse threads
  • Prevents leaks due to vibrational loosening and other stresses
  • Temperature resistance up to 250 °C  Excellent chemical resistance


  • Mainly used for install sealing of large diameter tapered/ tapered, tapered/straight pipe thread and stainless connector
  • Prevent thread from corrosion

MTS577 Thread sealant

Applies to General purpose pipe threads


  • High viscosity, thixotropic, high strength
  • Contains no fillers and will not foul or contaminate pipeline system
  • Suitable for large gap sealing and fast curing


  • Used for pipe thread sealing at rigorous operating condition or of a large gap
  • Typically, used for sealing stainless steel pipe thread or pressure sealing of tape /straight pipe thread below M80

Key Technical Data:


MTS542 50ml/bottle

MTS545 50ml/bottle

MTS567 50ml/bottle

MTS577 50ml/bottle


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