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Masterflex Miniflex PVC Protective Hose 1Metre

Model: 440-007-102
Brand: Masterflex

Product Details

PVC Protective Hose & Suction Hose with plastic-coated wire helix

spiral: spring steel wire, plastic-coated
wall: soft PVC
wall thickness: 0.3 - 1.2mm, dep. on DN

Protective hose against mechanical wear
Cable protection hose
Protective & suction hose for solids, liquids and gases
Suction hose for fine-grained particles, e.g. dust, powders, fibres
Ventilation (gauge pressure & low pressure range)
Suction hose for handheld machines

protection class IP 68, EN 60 529
axial flexible and compressable
bending radius = outer diameter
highly flexible
good oil/alkali/acid resistance
air-tight / watertight
super lightweight
generally good UV and ozone resistance
good chemical resistance

Production Length
DN7 to DN25: 25M or 50M
DN30 to DN50: 10M or 25M

Quantity: 1M per unit


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SGD 9.40
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