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Masking Tape Paper

Model: TA-MKP1/TA-MKP112
Brand: Others

Product Details

Swan Tape Masking Tape Paper

Masking Tape is a cost-effective, crepe paper backed tape that holds, bundles, seals and performs other light duty taping jobs where a pressure sensitive tape is needed. This tape tears easily from the roll by hand, sticks confidently, and can be removed conveniently and quickly.


  • Cost effective solution for indoor, light-duty applications
  • Low tack rubber adhesive provides a quick, temporary stick to a variety of surfaces
  • Ideal for use on sensitive surfaces
  • Crepe paper backing tears by hand
  • Ideal for marking, temporary holding, wrapping and sealing


  • Brand: Swan Tape
  • Product Type: Masking Tape
  • Material: Paper
  • Color: White

It comes in 3 different size available

  • SKU : TA-MKP1. ( 24mm or 1" )
  • SKU : TA-MKP. ( 48mm or 2" )
  • SKU : TA-MKP112. ( 36mm or 11/2" )


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