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Mapei Planitop G40

Model: 275725
Brand: MAPEI

Product Details

Mapei Planitop G40 SP


Repair of deteriorated vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces with mortar possessing medium mechanical performance characteristics. Some application examples

  • Repair of deteriorated concrete surfaces, especially overhead works on ceilings and soffits of beams, damaged by rusted reinforcing bars.
  • Reconstruction of concrete coverings of reinforcing bars on large areas.
  • Repair of surface irregularities including exposed aggregate, joints between new and old concrete, holes in formwork concrete, protruding steel, etc.


Planitop G40 SP is a premixed powdered mortar composed of cement, graded aggregates and special additives manufactured from a formula developed in the MAPEI research laboratories. When mixed with water Planitop G40 SP forms an easy to apply lightweight thixotropic mortar that can be applied without sagging even in substantial thickness on overhead and vertical surfaces without formwork.

When fully cured, Planitop G40 SP has:

  • moderate flexural and compressive strength;
  • modulus of elasticity, thermal expansion coefficient and permeability coefficient similar to that of medium quality concrete;
  • excellent adhesion to existing concrete surfaces provided they are saturated with water and reinforcing bars are first treated with Mapefer.


  • Do not use Planitop G40 SP to repair structures subject to high compressive loads or high impact or abrasion: use Mapegrout Thixotropic instead.
  • Do not use Planitop G40 SP on smooth concrete surfaces. Roughen the surface thoroughly and add reinforcing if necessary.
  • Do not use Planitop G40 SP for anchoring (use Mapefill SP, Mapefill GP or Planigrout 300 SP).
  • Do not pour Planitop G40 SP for pumping into formwork (use Mapegrout Hi-Flow SP).
  • Do not add cement or admixtures to Planitop G40 SP.
  • Do not add water once the mix has begun to set.
  • Do not use Planitop G40 SP at temperatures lower than +5°C.
  • Do not use Planitop G40 SP if the bag has been damaged or already opened.


Substrate preparation

  • Remove the deteriorated and loose concrete until sound substrate is achieved. Any previous repair work that is no longer thoroughly bonded must also be removed.
  • Sandblast/grit blast or power brush the reinforcing bars until they are free of dirt, rust, cement laitance, grease, oil, varnish or old paint.
  • Saturate the substrate with water. Before repairing with Planitop G40 SP, remove the excess water on the substrate. To facilitate the elimination of free water use compressed air or a sponge if needed.

Preparing the mortar

  • Pour into the mixer the amount of water (for every 25 kg of Planitop G40 SP powder, 5.0 kg for trowelling) needed to obtain the consistency required for the application.
  • Start the mixer and slowly add the Planitop G40 SP to the water in a continuous flow.
  • Mix for 1 to 2 minutes, and then make sure the mix is well blended. Scrape any unblended powder from the bottom and the sides of the mixer. Mix again for another 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Depending on the amount needed, an electric drill with a mixer attachment may also be used. Mix at low speed (typical 300 rpm) to avoid entraining air.
  • Avoid mixing manually unless unavoidable.

If so, mix small amounts at a time for at least 5 to 6 minutes until a completely homogeneous paste is obtained. Keep in mind that mixing by hand requires a larger amount of water. This adversely affects several of the mortar’s characteristics, including mechanical strength, shrinkage, impermeability, etc. The expansion of Planitop G40 SP is calculated to compensate for plastic shrinkage. Applying Planitop G40 SP without formwork in thickness of more than 2 cm should be done only after reinforcing and roughening the surface of the concrete, taking care to cover the reinforcement with a layer at least 1 cm thick. Lesser thickness can be applied without reinforcing as long as the substrate has been substantially roughened to counter the expansion. The expansion phase ends during the first days of curing.

Application procedure

The mortar can be applied with a trowel or spray without formwork even on overhead or vertical surfaces in maximum thickness of 50 mm per layer. Planitop G40 SP can also be sprayed on, using a suitable type of equipment. Reinforcing bars must be treated with Mapefer before applying Planitop G40 SP. Where necessary apply a second layer of Planitop G40 SP before the previous layer has finished setting (within 4 hours at +23°C). The complete repair cycle calls for smoothing with Mapefinish or Mapelastic, and then painting with Elastocolor.

Precautions to be taken during application

  • No special precautions need to be taken at temperatures near +20°C.
  • In hot weather, protect the newly applied mortar from direct sunlight. Store in a cool place.
  • At low temperatures, prepare the mix with water heated to approx. +20°C.
  • After application, Planitop G40 SP must be carefully cured.

To prevent the mix water from evaporating too quickly, which can cause surface cracks from plastic shrinkage, spray water on the surface for the first 24 hours of curing, or apply an anti evaporation compound such as Mapei Biblock or Mapecure SP. Cleaning Mortar that has not yet hardened can be removed from tools with water. After setting, cleaning is very difficult and can only be done mechanically. CONSUMPTION Approximately 15 kg/m2 per 10 mm of thickness. PACKAGING 25-kg bags. STORAGE Store in a dry, ventilated place with shelter.


Contains cement that in contact with sweat or other body fluids produces an irritant alkaline reaction and allergic reactions to those predisposed. It is highly recommended to use gloves and eye protection. For further information, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.



While the indications and guidelines contained in this data sheet correspond to the company's knowledge and wide experience, they must be considered, under all circumstances, merely as an indication and subject to confirmation only after long-term, practical applications. Therefore, anybody who undertakes to use this product, must ensure beforehand that it is suitable for the intended application and, in all cases, the user is to be held responsible for any consequences deriving from its use.


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