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Mapei Adesilex Pg2 Sp
Technical Data Sheets
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Mapei Adesilex PG2 SP (A+B)


  • Structural repair, bonding and reinforcement of concrete elements, natural stone, mortar and brick. Some application examples
  • Structural reinforcement of beams and pillars by bonding steel (béton plaqué method) or composite material (e.g. Carboplate) plates to concrete.
  • Non-flexible structural bonding of precast concrete elements.
  • Sealing injectors and surface damage before injection of Epojet by low-pressure pump.
  • Sealing large cracks and repairing joint corners in industrial flooring subject to traffic.
  • Bonding fibre-reinforced cement slabs and pipes.
  • Waterproofing large size joints by bonding TPE strips (e.g. Mapeband TPE) to concrete.


Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 are two-component products based on epoxy resins, selected fine-grain aggregates and special additives according to a formula developed in the MAPEI Research & Development laboratories. After mixing Adesilex PG1 or Adesilex PG2 (part A) with their hardeners (part B), a thixotropic mix, easy to apply even on vertical structures in thicknesses up to 1 cm in a single layer, is obtained. Once prepared, Adesilex PG1 hardens by chemical reticulation alone in approx. 3 hours, while Adesilex PG2 hardens in 5 hours without shrinkage. They become compounds with exceptional bonding and mechanical strength. Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 may also be applied on very damp surfaces as long as there is no standing water. The products differ from each other in their working time. Adesilex PG1 is especially suitable for applications in temperatures between +5°C and +23°C, while Adesilex PG2 is recommended for higher temperatures. Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 meet the requirements defined by EN 1504-9 (“Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures - Definitions, requirements, quality control and evaluation of conformity – General principles for the use of products”) and the minimum requirements claimed by EN 1504-4 (“Structural bonding”).


  • Do not use Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 for sealing flexible joints or joints subject to movement (use products from Mapesil and Mapeflex ranges).
  • Do not use Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 for shrinkage joints between fresh and hardened concrete (use Eporip).
  • Do not use Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 on dirty or crumbling surfaces.
  • Do not use Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 for bonding and grouting anti-acid ceramic tiles (use Kerapoxy).
  • Do not use Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 for levelling concrete surfaces before bonding carbon fibre fabrics (e.g. MapeWrap C UNI-AX, MapeWrap C BI-AX and MapeWrap C QUADRI-AX), use MapeWrap 11 or MapeWrap 12.


Preparing the substrate To ensure good adhesion of Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2, special care must be taken for the preparation of surfaces to be bonded. The concrete, natural stone or brick substrate must be clean, sound and dry. Sand-blasting is ideal to remove all loose and crumbling parts, efflorescence, cement laitance and traces of form-release oils. Then remove all dust with compressed air. All traces of rust, paint and oil must be removed from metal surfaces, preferably by means of sand-blasting (SA 2½) down to bright metal. With regards to fresh placed concrete, it is necessary that the concrete cures for at least 28 days before applying Adesilex PG1 or Adesilex PG2. This is to avoid tensions induced by hygrometric shrinkage of the concrete concentrated in the interface of the bonding. The application temperature of Adesilex PG1 must not be below +5°C and +10°C for Adesilex PG2.

Preparing the mixes

The two parts of Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 must be mixed together. Pour part B (white) into part A (grey) and mix at a slow speed with a drill fixed with an agitator until a uniform paste is obtained (a uniform grey). The product is already pre-dosed. To avoid incomplete hardening of Adesilex PG1 and/or Adesilex PG2, do not use partial quantities. When partial quantities are necessary, use a precision electronic scale. The mixing ratio is: – 3 parts by weight of component A; – 1 part by weight of component B.

Applying the mixes

Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 can be applied on concrete, stone, brick or metal with a flat trowel or float. To obtain good bonding, it is recommended to spread the adhesive on both surfaces that need bonding and let the product penetrate well, especially on irregular surfaces. After applying the adhesive, unite the two pieces that need bonding and keep firm until the adhesive has completely hardened. The sufficient thickness to obtain an excellent bonding strength is approximately 1-2 mm. Thanks to the excellent thixotropic property, Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 can also be applied vertically or on ceilings without slipping. The surrounding temperature has an effect on the hardening time of the two products. At +23°C Adesilex PG1 remains workable for approximately 35 minutes while Adesilex PG2 remains workable for 50 minutes. After this time, the products begin the hardening process.Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 must be applied within the useful pot life time. It is therefore necessary to plan the work within the time limit mentioned above.


No particular precautions need to be taken with temperatures between +10°C and +30°C. During summer it is preferable to use Adesilex PG2. Do not expose the product to sun light and carry out bonding during the cooler hours of the day in order to prevent the rapid hardening of the product which would make application difficult. During winter, when outdoor applications at temperatures below +10°C are necessary, it is recommended to use Adesilex PG1. Heat the substrate at least 24 hours before bonding and use an appropriate insulating system to avoid freezing. Thermal insulation must be maintained for at least the next 24 hours. Store the product in a heated environment before use. Cleaning Due to the high bonding strength of Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 even to metal, it is recommended to clean working tools with solvents (ethyl alcohol, toluene, etc.) before the product hardens.


1.65-1.75 kg/m² per mm of thickness.


Adesilex PG1 2 kg kit (comp. A: 1.5 kg; comp. B: 0.5 kg). 6 kg kit (comp. A: 4.5 kg; comp. B: 1.5 kg). Adesilex PG2 6 kg kit (comp. A: 4.5 kg; part B: 1.5 kg).


24 months in their original packaging. Store the products at temperature not below +5°C.


Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 comp. A are irritant for the eyes and the skin; both components A and B can cause sensitization if in contact with the skin in those predisposed. Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 comp. B are corrosive and may cause serious burns. The product contains low molecular weight epoxy resins that may cause sensitisation if cross-contamination occurs with other epoxy compounds. When applying the product, we recommend the use of protective gloves and goggles and to take the usual precautions for handling chemical products. If the product comes into contact with the eyes or skin, wash immediately with plenty of clean water and seek medical attention. Do not use in the presence of pregnant women. Then, Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 (comp. A and comp. B) are also hazardous for aquatic life. Do not dispose of these products in the environment. For further and complete information about a safe use of our product please refer to our latest version of the Material Safety Data Sheet.



Although the technical details and recommendations contained in this product data sheet correspond to the best of our knowledge and experience, all the above information must, in every case, be taken as merely indicative and subject to confirmation after long-term practical application; for this reason, anyone who intends to use the product must ensure beforehand that it is suitable for the envisaged application. In every case, the user alone is fully responsible for any consequences deriving from the use of the product.

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