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Lyra Dust Free Hi-Polymer Eraser

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Model: Hi-Polymer Eraser
Brand: Lyra

Product Details

Lyra Dust Free Hi-Polymer Eraser

All the ease of use of polymer erasers, with even more convenience – with dust-free erasers, the residue comes off in strips rather than fine particles. There’s less to clean up after!


  • Clean and easy erasing with minimum dust crumble
  • Easy tear film foil


  • Brand: Lyra
  • Product Type: Eraser
  • Material: Hi-Polymer

It comes in 3 packaging size available

  • SKU : 3471K40 - Small ( 40/Pack )
  • SKU : 3473K30 - Medium ( 30/Pack )
  • SKU : 3473K20 - Large ( 20/Pack )


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