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Lutron Thermometer TM-947SD

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Model: TM-947SD
Brand: Lutron

Product Details

SD Card real time data recorder
4 channels THERMOMETER
Model : TM-947SD
* Real time data recorder, save the data into the SD memory card and can be download to the
* Type K/J/R/S/E/T, Pt 100 ohm, 4 display.
* 4 channels (T1, T2, T3, T4), T1-T2, oC/oF.
* Display 4 channels Temp. at the same time.
* Type K : -100 to 1300 oC.
* Type J : -100 to 1200 oC.
* Pt 100 ohm : -199 to 850 oC.
* oC/oF, 0.1 degree/1 degree.
* Data hold, Record (max., min.),
* RS232/USB computer interface, Patented.
* Optional Type K and Pt-100 ohm Temp. probe.
* Patent: Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany, USA pending.


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