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Lutron Micro-ohm Meter Mo-2014

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Model: MO-2014
Brand: Lutron

Product Details

LUTRON Micro-Ohm Meter
Model : MO-2014 (230V)
* 4 terminal devices for accurate measurement of very low resistance.
* Ideal for measuring the resistance of components precisely.
* Ideal for testing protective conductors, lightning conductors and welded points.
* Maximum test current is 10A (60000uΩ range only).
* Have two working mode , Resistive and Inductive mode, Normal is resistive mode.
* Good / Fail set-function for input quality control.
* Built-in in buzzer sound (GOOD STATUS) to assist the Q.C. judement.
* Especial "CALCULATE" function to measure cable / wire length.
* Wide measuring range, 1 uΩ - 6K Ω , 6 ranges.
* Large size and back-light LCM display, easy read-out.
* LSI circuit provides high accuracy, reliability and durability.
* Built-in over input protection.
* Durable bench type housing plastic case stand.


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