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Lutron Humidity/Thermometer HT-306S

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Model: HT-306S
Brand: Lutron

Product Details

HUMIDITY/THERMOMETER, %RH/Temp., Type K Temp, 4in1
* Measurement: Humdity/Temp., Dew Point Temp., Wet Bulb Temp.
* Pocket and compact housing case
* Humidity sensor with fast response time
* Humidity/Temp. measurement with separate probe
* Humidity: 10 to 95 %RH, Temp.: 0 to 50°C
Resolution: 0.1 %RH, 0.1 degree
* Type K Temp.: -199.9 to 1300°C, °C/°F
Resolution: 0.1 degree
* Hold button, REC button (Max./Min. button)
* Power: DC 9V battery (006P)
* Power supply: Optional Type K Temp. probes: TP-01, TP-02A, TO-03, TO-04, TP-05


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