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Lutron Heat Index Wbgt Meter

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Model: WBGT-2010SD
Brand: Lutron

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HEAT INDEX WBGT METER (wet-bulb globe temperature)
Model : WBGT-2010SD
* WBGT was developed as a monitoring basis at US military training camps and became
widespread for the use in workplaces and sports situation It is suggested in the international
standard ISO 7243, OSHA (US Occupation Safety), Japan Society for Occupational Health and
the SMA (Sports Medicine Australia) to establish the permissible heat exposure limits in
health, sports or other physical activities.
* Measurement : WBGT value (Indoor/Outdoor Wet bulb globe temperature), Black globe
 temperature, Humidity, Air temperature, Wet bulb temperature, Dew point Temp..
* Measurement function :
 1. Wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT):
   Indoor : 0 oC to 59 oC.
   Outdoor : 0 oC to 56 oC.
 2. Black globe Temp (TG) : 0 to 80 oC.
 3. Air temperature (TA) : 0 to 50 oC.
 4. Wet bulb temperature (WB) : -21.6 oC to 50.0 oC.
 5. Humidity : 5 % to 95 % R.H..
 6. Dew point Temp. : -25.3 oC to 48.9 oC.
* Unit : oC,oF, Resolution : 0.1 degree.
* Adjustable WBGT alarm setting with buzzer sound output.
* Control and monitor of physical activity in hot environment to limit the danger of heat related
* Globe temperature measurement uses the Pt sensor, high accuracy.
* Fast humidity measuring response time.
* Direct measurement of the radiation effect with a brass black ball in 75 mm dia.
* Real time SD memory card recorder, it is built-in Clock and Calendar.
* Real time data recorder , sampling time set from 1 second to 3600 seconds.
* Manual data record is available, can set the different position (location) No. (1 to 99).
* Innovation and easy operation, computer is not need to setup extra software.
After record the sata, just take away the SD card from the meter and plug into the computer,
the measured values with the time information(year/month/date/ hour/minute/second) can
be downloaded to the Excel directly, then user can make the further data or graphic analysis by
* SD card capacity : 1 GB to 16 GB.
* Data hold, record max. and min. reading.
* Power by UM3/AA (1.5 V) x 6 batteries or DC 9V adapter.
* RS232/USB PC computer interface.
* Complete set with the carrying case, SD card is optional.


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