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Lutron Ac/dc Magnetic Meter MG-3002

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Model: MG-3002
Brand: Lutron

Product Details

Model : MG-3002
* Wide range, general purpose magnetic measurement.
* Unit : G (Gauss), mT (milli Tesla).
* DC/AC magnetic measurement.
* DC Range : 300.00 mT/3000.0 mT.
* AC Range : 150.00 mT/1500.0 mT.
* Resolution : 0.01 mT/0.1 mT, 0.1 G/1 G.
* DC polarity : N/S.
* Sensor : Hall sensor.
* Zero, Data hold. Record (Max., Min.).
* RS232/USB computer interface.
* DC 9V battery (006 P) x 1 PC or DC 9V adapter.


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