Loytape Cellulose Tape
Product Description

Loytape Cellulose Tape

Cellulose tape is manufactured from transparent cellulose film, which is a wood based product of regenerated pulp. Cellulose tape is highly transparent and has a pressure sensitive rubber adhesive system.


Backing - High quality super clear cellulose film

Adhesive - Pressure sensitive specially formulated rubber adhesive system

Storage Condition:

To be stored at room temperature. Keep away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight


  • Suitable for hamper wrapping, gift wrapping, sealing of plastic bags, small boxes and light weight cartons
  • Easy tear
  • Backing using ecological friendly material (cellulose film)
  • Transparent and can read through
  • Sticks on most surfaces
  • Suitable for application as antistatic tape


  • Cellulose tape can be hand held or dispensed with wide varieties of dispensers to facilitate the application of cellulose tape.


  • Brand: Loytape
  • Product Type: Cellulose Tape
  • Colour: Clear
  • Peel Adhesion to Steel: 550 g/25 mm
  • Holding Power: 1440 mins
  • Total Thickness: 0.044 - 0.049 mm

Available Size:

  • SKU: TAPE-LOY-12mm-50YDS - 12 mm x 50 Yards
  • SKU: TAPE-LOY-18mm-25YDS - 18 mm x 25 Yards
  • SKU: TAPE-LOY-18mm-50YDS - 18 mm x 50 Yards
  • SKU: TAPE-LOY-24mm-25YDS - 24 mm x 25 Yards
  • SKU: TAPE-LOY-24mm-50YDS - 24 mm x 50 Yards
S$ 15.12 – S$ 35.64
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S$ 16.18 - S$ 38.13
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