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Loctite Novasil 207 Clear Sealant (300ml)

Model: LOCTITE Novasil 207 Clear Sealant (300ML)

Product Details

LOCTITE® Novasil 207™ Clear Sealant is a one component, neutral (non-acidic) silicone sealants for polycarbonate, GE Plastics, mirrors, metals, concrete and ceramic materials; adhesion and weather resistance are excellent.

Suitable for power machinery, automobiles, engineering machinery, internal combustion engines, mining machinery, and electrical equipment stamping seal.

Storage: Store this glue in the unopened original packaging in a cool dry place memory. Optimal Storage: 8°-21°C.

Material removed from containers may be contaminated while in use. To prevent contamination of unused product, do not return any material to the original package.

Use Guide: This glue is sensitive to moisture. Contact with air is recommended to be avoided during operations and storage . To get the best performance bond, surfaces should be clean and free of grease. Curing speed depends on the ambient humidity and temperature.

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