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Loctite Color Guard Coating SF F720 (Carton of 12)

Model: SF F720

Product Details

LOCTITE® SF F720 Tough Rubber Coating is a solvent-based, modified thermoplastic liquid coating that dries to a durable, flexible, rubber-like protective coating on parts and equipment. Dip, spray or brush to apply. Great for tools, metals, electrical connections, masonry, wood, conveyors, glass, rope, and fabric. Available in black, blue, red and yellow. Meets ASTM E-96 moisture resistance, ASTM B117 salt spray testing, ASTMG-53-84 accelerated 10 year weather test, and CFIA.

Applications: Abrasion Resistant, Anti-Corrosion Coatings, Appearance Coatings, Cold Seal Coating, Corrosion Protection, Corrosion Protection Waxes, Electronic Powder Coatings, Finishing Coatings, Flooring, General Industrial, Hot Seal Coating, Rust Treatment / Preventatives, Sealing.

Specifications met: Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

Application method: Brush, Dip, Spray

Color: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

Dry time: 5 Mins

Full Cure Temperature: 25°C or 77F

Full Cure Time: 24hour

Key characteristics: Corrosion Prevantative, Flexible, General Purpose, Rubber Based, Rust Inhibiting, Solvent Based.

Physical Form: Liquid

Technology: Rubber, Modified Thermoplastic

Quantity: Carton of 12 cans

*Take note that stock is limited. Might need to indent: 4-5 months


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