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Loctite Aa 330 Structural Adhesive 25ml Henkel Authorized Distributor

Model: 1690727

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Henkel Authorized Distributor

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LOCTITE AA 330 Structural Adhesive 25ml

LOCTITE AA 330 is a no-mix, pale-yellow, general purpose structural bonder which is ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates like PVC, phenolic and acrylic compounds. It is a medium to high viscosity product that has good impact resistance as well as a service temperature range up to +100°C. It requires an activator, LOCTITE SF 7387.


  • General purpose
  • Good impact resistance
  • Ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates like PVC, phenolic and acrylic compounds
  • Medium to high viscosity
  • Activator, LOCTITE SF 7387, required


  • Brand: LOCTITE
  • Product Type: Structural Adhesive
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Fixture Time Temperature: 3°C
  • Viscosity: 67000 mPa.s (cP) Brookfield
  • Technology: Acrylic
  • Chemical Type: Polyurethane Methacrylate
  • Cure: Anaerobic with activator
  • Cure Benefit: Room temperature cure
  • Fixture Time: 3 min
  • Weight: 25 ml


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