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Light Automatic Wire Stripper

Model: LAWS
Brand: LIGHT

Product Details

Light Automatic Wire Stripper

This  stripper is of high quality and easy for operation, which can help you work well in house working and project working. It is a small hand tool used by telecommunication and network technicians. It can provide a quick, easy and reliable way to remove the fiber jackets from an optical fiber.


  • Delayed cutting to prevent crushing or cutting even the finest wire or wire filaments
  • Just insert your wire, squeeze handles and you have a perfectly stripped wire
  • Great tool to keep handy in the tool box for around the house and garage uses


  • Brand: Light
  • Product Type: Wire Stripper
  • Handle Colour: Greem

Available Types:

  • SKU : PW-A - A Type
  • SKU : PW-B - B Type
  • SKU : PW-C - C Type


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