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Kyoritsu Earth Clamp Meter KEW 4202

Model: KEW 4202

Product Details

Kyoritsu Earth Clamp Meter KEW 4202

  • Real time measurements can be transferred, shown and saved on Android device (up to 100 measurements)
  • Saved data includes measurement, GPS location and date & time
  • Easy to check on map "When" and "Where" the measurement was made
  • Comparator function on Android device informs when the measured value is lower/higher than the preset value
  • The earth resistance from 0.05 to 1200 Ω can be measured without the auxiliary earth spikes in multi-earthing systems
  • True RMS leakage or phase current readings from 0.1mA to 30.0A provides vital additional information in earthing networks

Earth Resistance Auto Range:

  • Ranges20.00Ω, 200.00Ω, 1500Ω
  • Accuracy: 0.00 to 20.99Ω: ±1.5% ±0.05Ω
    16.0 to 99.9Ω: ±2% ±0.5Ω
    100.0 to 209.9Ω: ±3% ±2Ω
    160 to 399Ω: ±5% ±5Ω
    400 to 599Ω: ±10% ±10Ω

AC Current Auto Range (50Hz/60Hz)

  • Ranges: 100.0mA
    30.0AAccuracy0.0 to 104.9mA: ±2% ±0.7mA
    80mA to 31.5A: ±2%

Operating Indication

  • Earth Resistance Function: Constant Voltage Injection
  • Current Detection Frequency: Approx. 2400Hz
  • Dual Integration: AC current Function: Successive Approximation

General Specifications

  • Response Time: Earth Resistance: Approx. 7 seconds
    AC Current: Approx. 2 seconds
  • Current Consumption: Approx. 50mA (max.100mA)
  • Measurement TimeR6: Approx. 5 hours
    LR6: Approx. 21 hours
  • Auto Power-OffTurns power off about 10 minutes after the last button operation
  • Conductor Size: Approx. Ø32mm
  • Power Source: 4 x R6 AA Manganese Batteries or
    4 x LR6 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Dimensions: 246 x 120 x 54 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 780 g (Including Batteries)


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