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Kranzle High Pressure Cleaner Quadro 800 TST
Kranzle High Pressure Cleaner Quadro 800 TST
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The Kränzle quadro series combines all advantages from the Profi series and, due to its double axle chassis and its 4 wheels, sets a new benchmark with regard to stability while offering highest conformity during operations that require frequent change of position. In such cases, too, large overd-imensioned gears and oil housings are used to noticeably increase the service life during rough industrial operation. And, of course, the integrated hose drum with foldable crank and up to 20 m high-pressure hose come as a standard with many of the Quadro models as well as the sturdy shock absorbing buffers and the integrated water tank.

Technical Specifications:

Operating pressure, continuously adjustable: 30 – 250 Bar

Max. admissible overpressure: 270 Bar

Water output: 13.3 Liters/minute (800 Liters/hour)

Inlet water temperature: Max. 60 °C

Volume water tank: 16 Liters

Suction height: 2.5 meters

Motor speed: 1400 rpm

Connected Load: 400 V, 12 A, 50 Hz

Power intake: 7.5 kW

Power Output 5.5 kW

Weight: 89 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H) 770mm x 570mm x 990mm


1. Ergonomically shaped handle (detachable)

2. Pump head made of special brass

3. Hose drum with 20 m steel weave high-pressure hose

4. Cleaning agent injection hose

5. Detergent valve

6. Start/Stop switch

7. Holder for lance

8. Holders for safety trigger gun with lance

9. Safety trigger gun

10. Large stainless steel pressure gauge

11. On/Off switch with motor protection and control light

12. Integrated trolley takes rough ground in its stride

13. Cable reel for the power supply cable

14. Infinitely variable pressure and quantity regulation

15. Cover for water tank

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