Kobelco RB-26 Welding Electrode
Product Description

Kobelco RB-26 Welding Electrode

  • RB-26 is the traditional and advanced covered electrode for all-position welding (including vertical downward position) of mild steel sheets
  • RB-26 is a high titania type covered electrode for welding mild steel
  • Developed in 1951
  • The R in RB stands for rutile, which is the major ingredient in the coating flux, while B symbolizes a slag-shield covered electrode
  • Used for general fabrication work
  • A popular choice as arc is stable with little spatter
  • Downward welding in the vertical position becomes easy with this rod and results in beautiful bead appearance
  • All positional
S$ 3.00 – S$ 3.20
(exc. GST)
S$ 3.21 - S$ 3.42
(inc. GST)
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