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Karcher Bare Hose 1/2" PrimoFlex

Model: 2.645-138.0

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KARCHER Bare Hose 1/2" PrimoFlex- 20m

The PrimoFlex® quality hose, which measures 1/2" in diameter and 20 m in length, is perfect for watering areas and gardens of any size. The three-layer garden hose with pressure-resistant reinforcement mesh is free from phthalates (< 0.1%), cadmium, barium and lead – meaning it contains absolutely no substances that are harmful to health. The weather-resistant anti-UV outer layer protects the material and the opaque middle layer prevents algae from building up inside the hose. The bursting pressure is 24 bar. The water hose also boasts an impressive temperature resistance of between -20 and 65 °C. We offer a 12-year guarantee for this flexible garden hose. The garden hoses in the Kärcher watering line are exceptionally flexible, robust, and resistant to kinks. Long lifetime plus easy handling equals a winning combination. Kärcher: The wise choice for your watering needs.


12-year guarantee

  • Long-lasting

Three layers

  • Resistant to kinks

Bursting pressure: 24 bar

  • Guaranteed robustness

Handy garden hose with pressure-resistant woven reinforcement

  • For easy handling.

High temperature resistance from -20 to +65°C

  • Guaranteed robustness

Free from cadmium, barium and lead

  • Poses no risk to health or the environment

Opaque middle layer prevents algae formation inside the hose

  • Guaranteed robustness and durability

Phthalate-free (< 0.1 %) quality garden hose

  • Poses no risk to health or the environment

Weather-resistant anti-UV outer layer

  • Guaranteed robustness


  • For watering small or large surfaces or gardens
  • For watering large-surface kitchen gardens
  • For watering cultivated plants (small beds, single plants, pot plants)
  • For watering ornamental plants (small beds, single plants, pot plants)
  • For cleaning garden machines and garden furniture


Kracher Bare Hose 1/2" PrimoFlex- 20m - 2.645-138.0

Kracher Bare Hose 1/2" PrimoFlex- 50m - 2.645-139.0

Kracher Bare Hose 5/8" PrimoFlex- 25m - 2.645-140.0

Kracher Bare Hose 3/4" PrimoFlex- 25m - 2.645-142.0

Kracher Bare Hose 1/2" PrimoFlex Plus- 20m - 2.645-144.0

Kracher Bare Hose 1/2" PrimoFlex Premium- 20m - 2.645-150.0

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