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Kangdefu Medical Grade Surgical Mask Earloop - 2000pcs Per Carton

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Product Details

These masks are the highest quality medical grade surgical masks, which are CE certified and meet both EN14683 Type IIR (EU standard) and YY 0469 (Chinese standard) and have been recommended for daily use for the elderly citizens by the World Health Organisation.

These masks have the highest bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of ≥ 98%, splash resistance, flame resistance, and are highly breathable. Our masks are sterile, meaning they have been treated with ethylene oxide, which kills microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses and packed in sterile packaging. Each sterile pack contains 10 masks.

In comparison, most other masks sold conform to YY/T 0969 or GB/T 32610 standards. YY/T 0969 masks have a BFE of ≥ 95% and are not required to undergo particle filtration efficiency (PFE), flame resistance, or splash resistance testing. GB/T 32610 masks are non-medical masks which typically guard against large dust particles, and may not be as effective against smaller virus-sized particles. They are not required to undergo BFE testing. Our masks are also HSA approved.


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