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Jitron Diabecheck Blood Glucose Test Strips DC-300TS

Model: DC-300TS
Brand: Jitron

Product Details

Jitron Diabecheck Glucometer Blood Test Strips DC-300TS

Jitron Diabecheck Test Strip, you can test anywhere with less pain and less time! more accurate and less confusing than many other brands available today. Jitron Diabecheck Test Strip is all the meter needs to get accurate blood glucose readings. One of the most important factors for most diabetics when it comes to testing adherence is their comfort with the process. While having to collect a blood sample will always have some small amount of discomfort associated with it, the less blood you have to take to get an accurate sample, the less painful it will be to get it. Taking samples from multiple sites not only makes it less uncomfortable to get the tiny amount of blood needed; it also means that there won’t be as great a development of scar tissue or calluses, which can become a problem for individuals to test only on the fingers.


  • DiabeCHECK Blood Glucose Test Strips
  • For use only with DiabeCHECK Glucose Meter
  • Meter automatically turns on when test strip is inserted
  • Good Quality
  • Accurate and Fast Results


  • Brand: Jitron
  • Product Type: Glucose Test Strips
  • Colour: White
  • Number in Package: 25 Pieces/Pack & 50 Pieces/Pack


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