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Iwata Type Z1 Air Tube Bracket 51mm ATZ1-04S

Model: ATZ1-04S
Brand: Iwata

Product Details

Iwata Type Z1 Air Tube Bracket ATZ1-04S

The material of the bracket is stainless steel SUS304 with excellent corrosion resistance.


  • The sponge can be fixed without crushing the air tube
  • Saddle and Z-shaped mounting bracket are includes
  • Saddle mounting hole is U-shaped and easy to remove
  • Compatible with Φ4 to Φ10 air tubes
  • Up to 12 pieces can be fixed


  • Brand: Iwata
  • Product Type: Air Tube Bracket
  • Material: Stainless Steel SUS304/NR sponge (CR rubber coating)
  • A: 25 mm
  • W: 51 mm
  • H: 7 mm
  • P1: 41 mm
  • P2: 21 mm


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