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Iwata Cz-cx Type Photoelectric Sensor Bracket 61.5mm FSCZCX040-Z

Model: FSCZCX040-Z
Brand: Iwata

Product Details


  • Photoelectric is a bracket for mounting the sensor
  • Azbil Corporation HP7 series, Optex-Efue Inc. Z3 series, Omron E3Z series, Keyence PZ-G Series, corresponding to such as Panasonic CX-400 series with a furugado specification to protect the sensor
  • Sensor mounting screws are included


  • Brand: Iwata
  • Product Type: CZ-CX Type Sensor Bracket
  • Material: Iron SPCC
  • Surface Treatment: Cationic Electrodeposition Coating
  • Colour: Black
  • Reference Dimension (A): 40 mm
  • L: 61.5 mm
  • t: 2.3 mm
  • Weight: 57 g


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