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Igus Filament for 3D Printing iglidur I180-PF-0300-0250
Igus Filament for 3D Printing iglidur I180-PF-0300-0250
Product Description

Self-lubricating filament iglidur i180

Components made from the 3D printing material iglidur i180-PF can be used universally for all types of wear parts, such as plain bearings, gears and drive nuts, as this material has also been specifically developed for moving applications. The higher wear resistance and higher temperature resistance (100°C over the long term) extend the range of application, especially for more dynamic applications with higher surface speeds. The filament is easy to process on encased 3D printers and is somewhat higher in terms of processing requirements than an ABS filament. At the igus Adhesive film for the print bed or the Bonding agent for tribofilaments accessory materials are available to facilitate processing.When to use it?

  • When an increased permanent application temperature of up to 100°C is required.
  • For highly dynamic plain bearing applications

When not to use it?

  • If the application temperature is higher than 100°C in the long-term, or even higher wear resistance is required (→ iglidur J260-PF)
  • If I need a filament that is very easy to process or if I only have an open 3D printer (→ iglidur i150-PF)

filament diameter

2.85 - 3.00 mm

Outer diameter spool

200 mm

Inner diameter spool

52 mm

Spool width

55 mm

General properties
  • Colour : white
  • Material suitable for : Beginner
  • Max. moisture absorption (at 23 °C/73 °F, 50% r.h.) : 0.3 Wt.-%, test method DIN 53495
  • Max. water absorption : 0.9 Wt.-%
  • Net weight : 250 g
  • Coefficient of sliding friction, dynamic, against Cf53 steel : 0.24
  • Coefficient of sliding friction, dynamic, against 304 stainless steel : 0.17
  • pv value, max. (dry) : 0.23 MPa ⋅ m/s
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