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Igus® e-chain® E2/000 Medium Series 2500 cable chain | 2500.05.075.0

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Model: cable chain
Brand: Igus

Product Details

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* Cooperate well with mounting bracket “2050.34PZB+”

1. Double stop-dog system for long unsupported lengths
2. Optimised opening system for fast opening of the crossbars either from the left or right
3. High holding force of the crossbars
4. Glide surfaces on the side for operation "on the side"
5. Tested and proven mounting bracket
6. Strain relief can be integrated in the mounting bracket
7. Series 2400 and 2450 snap-open along the inner radius
{N10}. Series {N11} half e-tube snap-open along the inner radius on both sides
{N12}. Enclosed e-tube Series {N13} snap-open along the inner radius
10. Flexible modular interior separation system
11. Easy assembly due to optimised pins
12. Also available as ESD version
13. Strain relief separator - Separator with integrated strain relief

Series 2500 is suitable for the following types of applications:

Vertical: hanging applications ≤ 40 m, standing applications ≤ 3,0 m
horizontal: unsupported applications ≤ 2,25 m, gliding applications ≤ 100 m
rotary motions: rotating applications possible, may require machining (machining rework is always required from rotation angles of 180°)


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