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Hwayan Neil Robertson Stretcher

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Model: HYDJ
Brand: Hwayan

Product Details

Main function and application: This product applies to all kinds of ships, field working, mine operation and architecture industries.

Standard: In accordance with the requirement of Neil-Robertson stretch of WHO "International Marine Medical Guide"

Instruction: The normal canvas stretcher is not proper to use for transporting the wounded on board the ship, especially in case the wounded with fracture. It is because of some conditions of the ship such as narrow access, small openings, vertical ladder or precipitous gangway. It is also not suitable for using on rescue boat and for helicopters. The HYDJ stretcher, manufactured in compliant to the requirement of "Robson Stretcher" that is recommended in "International Director of Medical Care on Ships" prepared by WHO. The HYDJ stretcher is suitable to use for transporting the wounded, especially in fracture and preventing further injuring during such moving effectively. It could be used on ships, wild operation, mines and construction engineering.

Model: HYDJ
Horizontal safety load: 120kg
Vertical safety load: 120kg
Fully stretcher dimension: 152cm x 27cm x 19cm
Net weight: 8.3kg
MaterialTerylene Oxford fabric and seraya

Packaging: Paper box
Gross Weight: 10kg

How to use:
1. Deploy the stretcher with the "INSIDE" marked upwards.
2. The wounded lies down on the stretcher. One fixing band at the upper part of te stretcher will be used for fixing the head or neck.
3. There are three fixing bands at the middle of the stretcher will be used for fixing chest, the groove and upper arm.
4. There are two fixing bands at the lower part of the stretcher for fixing crura below the hips.
5. Two rings located at the lower part of the stretcher are used for receiving the feet.
6. One set of wooden bar from the top to the bottom of the stretcher could protect the backbone effectively.

Moving Instruction:
1. To take hold of the rubber rings in the black color on the backside of the stretcher and uplift it after the wounded is well fixed.
2. In case of rescuing with a helicopter, fix it to the lifting facilities. Lift it away carefully from the vertical access onboard the ship and drop it down to rescue boat.


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