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Hikoki 1/2"dr 14.4v Li-on Impact Wrench, WR14DBAL2

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Model: WR14DBAL2
Brand: Hikoki

Product Details

  • For 12.7mm(1/2 inch) square bit shank
  • Tightening/loosening torque 165Nm (1,460in.-lbs)
  • Hitachi's efficient brushless motor works approx. 30% more than our conventional brushed DC motor per battery charge
  • Easy to adjust to drive bolts in different sizes by 2 devices: Electronic trigger switch and Selective 4-stage to limit no load speed (900/1,500/2,200/2,800/min.)
  • Dust and water resistance in conformity with IP56 thanks to an unique design of dust-protective cooling windows and fully plastic coating on some important inner parts
  • High capacity 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery provides longer runtime per charge than 3.0Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Multiple combinations of battery and charger*1
  • Slide Lithium-ion battery BSL1440 (4.0Ah) or BSL1430 (3.0Ah), and charger UC18YRSL [Charging time: Approx. 60min.(BSL1440) / 45min. (BSL1430)]
  • Slide Lithium-ion battery BSL1440 (4.0Ah) and charger UC18YML2 [Charging time: Approx. 60min.]*2
  • LED light on body
  • Remaining battery indicator lamp


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