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Hilti Anchor HKD-S

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Model: HKD-S
Brand: HILTI

Product Details


  • HKD Push-in anchor
  • Versatile and reliable internally threaded anchor
  • Applications:
  • Base material: Concrete in the compression zone, hard natural stone
  • Fastening medium loads with bolts or threaded rods
  • Optimum solution for serial fastenings in suspended ceilings, pipe suspensions, machine fixing etc.
  • Ideal for setting in the undersides of cavity ceilings
  • Flared end: For accurate setting flush with the surface, independent of hole depth
  • Full expansion: Cone design permits the full expansion of the anchor in both low-strength and high-strength material. No thread damage when hammering the anchor into the hole. Easy setting.
  • Visual verification: Visual verification of full expansion. The setting tool leaves a mark on the flared end that indicates proper expansion. Increased security.
  • Manual setting tool: With ergonomic hand guard for better grip, size gauge for quick check that the right tool is used and polygonal top that protects from injuries


  • Base materials: Concrete (cracked), Concrete (non-cracked)
  • Environmental conditions: Inside dry
  • Material composition: Carbon steel, threaded rod: steel strength 8.8
  • Material coating/plating/finish: Galvanized min. 5µm
  • Drill bit diameter: 8 mm
  • Hole depth: 27 mm


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