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Guardian Stainless Steel Renovator and Polisher Bright 2033

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Model: Bright2033
Brand: Guardian Laboratories

Product Details

Guardian Laboratories Bright 2033 – Stainless steel renovator and polisher

(12 Cans/Carton)

BRIGHT is a superior three-in-one renovator and polisher that renovates, polishes and protects stainless steel and other metal surfaces. BRIGHT leaves a fine, invisible film that seals and protects the surface from corrosion, fingerprinting, and surface deterioration. SANI-STOUT is an acid-free cleaner and brightener for hard-surfaces.


BRIGHT is ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, bakeries, dairies, supermarkets, hospitals, office buildings, cafeterias, food processing plants, etc.


  • Removes, restores, seals and protects. BRIGHT removes light soil and restores   depth and colour to brushed finesses,   helps seal out corrosive vapours and   moisture and protects against smearing and staining.
  • Excellent agent film. BRIGHT provides an excellent agent film that prevents food or   other soils from bonding to chrome, stainless steel and other bright metals.
  • Powerful and effective. BRIGHT contains no abrasives, therefore does not damage   surface. BRIGHT restores and polishes through controlled chemical action. BRIGHT contains a powerful solvent that breaks down greasy deposits.
  • Safe. BRIGHT contains no harmful ingredients, will not harm or discolour   stainless steel, kitchen units, steam tables,   elevator doors, countertops, etc.
  • Economical. BRIGHT increases productivity  by ensuring reducing the time required for   the task of cleaning and polishing metal surfaces. BRIGHT is easy to use.
  • Environmental friendly. BRIGHT aerosol packing is CFC-free.


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