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Guardian Hard Surface Cleaner and Brightener Sani Stout 3793

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Model: SaniStout3793
Brand: Guardian Laboratories

Product Details

Guardian Laboratories Sani Stout 3793 Hard Surface renovator and brightener

SANI-STOUT is an acid-free cleaner and brightener for hard-surfaces.


Building External Cleaning Solutions, Construction Industry Cleaning, Housekeeping Solutions.


SANI-STOUT is an effective renovator and restorer for chrome, stainless steel, brass, porcelain, formica, fiberglass, aluminium etc.  SANI-STOUT is widely used in schools, hospitals, food service industry, institutions, Cleaner and polisher for kitchen steel fixtures and countertops.


  • Works fast without harsh abrasives or heavy scrubbing. SANI-STOUT special  penetrants remove stubborn stains without harsh abrasives and heavy scrubbing.
  • No harsh agents. SANI-STOUT contains no   muriatic acids and is safe to hands.  It is   also non-corrosive to metals.
  • Special “clinging” formulation. Special  homogenized formulation clings to vertical  surfaces to maximize effective cleaning and  prevent wastages.
  • Low toxicity. SANI-STOUT produces no   dangerous fumes. Leaves surfaces clean and fresh fragrance.


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10 ++5%

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