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Green Life Super Jet Long Nozzle

Model: SJN-78N

Product Details

Green Life Super Jet Long Nozzle

  • The cleaning power is improved by the water pressure about 1.5 times (compared to our company) compared to the conventional water spray nozzle.
  • It is a super jet long nozzle that is most suitable for cleaning of exterior walls, screen doors and car washing, agricultural machinery, agricultural tools, etc.
  • You can switch between jet (direct), wide (wide angle) and water form simply by turning the tip of the nozzle, and it is no longer necessary to replace the water form attachment.
  • The flight distance is also extended, and high-place cleaning is also easy. (It changes according to the water pressure of the faucet)
  • Water stop, water flow is OK with ON / OFF operation of grip with one hand.


  • Brand: Green Life
  • Product Type: Jet Long Nozzle
  • Material: Aluminum/ABS Resin
  • Mountable hose: 1.2 to 1.5 cm

Available Length:

  • SKU: SJN-78N - 78 cm
  • SKU: SJN-80N - 80 cm


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