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Fym Premio Series

Model: P23SPUSB 13A SP Double SSO w/2XUSB Charger (2100mAh)
Brand: Others

Product Details

- FYM USB Charger enables mobile devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and tablets to be charged directly at the socket outlet without an additional charger. Thus, the Socket Outlet could be utilized for other usage.

- FYM USB Charger also remove the risk of unapproved chargers being used which can lead to damage of your expensive devices!

- Overload or Short Circuit Protection prevents damage to the USB Charger and provides safety to the user plus the shutter at the USB Charger prevent dust.

- FYM USB Charger can detect the different charging configurations used by different device manufacturers for optimal charging efficiency.

- FYM Socket Outlet comes with a 3-Pin ‘Child Resistant Safety Shuttle’ that can only be activated when a BS 3 pins 13A Plug is inserted.

- FYM Socket Outlet are built with Dual Earth Terminals for high integrity earthing!


- Socket Outlet is rated at 250VAC, 13A.

- USB Power Port:

- Input: 250VAC, 0.2A, 50Hz

- Output: 5.0VDC, 2.1A

- Applicable Standard: BS1363-2: 1995 + AMD9542 + AMD14538 + AMD17436 + A4

  • For commercial use only


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