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Fym Glacier

Model: F2773 Single LED Dimmer 5 to 100W
Brand: Others

Product Details

- 1Way & 2Way switch for ON/OFF function.(Retrofit Traditional Dimmer)

- Minimum load down to 5W of capacitive or resistive load such as LED & MV Halogen.

- Lamp soft start up & down feature, to extend longer lifetime for the lamp.

- User setting for the minimum dim level & mode setting.

- Built-In Short Circuit Protection, the module will suspend operation around 5 second.

- Built-In Thermo Protection when module temperature raise above 110 degree celcius.

Normal operation will resume when temperature drops to 75 degree celcius.

Operation of Knob:

- Push ON or Push OFF the lamp.

- Turn right to increase brightness to Maximum Level.

- Turn left to decrease brightness to Minimum Level.


- Rated Voltage: 230-240Vac

- Frequency: 50Hz

- Main Direct Dimmable LED: 5-100W

- Incandescent Lamp: 10-250W

- Main Halogen Lamp: 10-250W

- Dimmable LV Electronic Transformer: 10-250W

- LV Iron Core Transformer: 10 -250W

- Applicable Standard: BS EN 60669-2-1


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