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Filmop Sprinter Microfiber Spray Mop

Model: FPS-TMM
Brand: Filmop

Product Details

Filmop Sprinter Microfiber Spray Mop

​The cleaning solution is stored in the Sprinter In-Handle Tank for delivery as needed with a touch of the top dispensing button without tubes or other spray mechanisms. Just by depressing the dispensing button, the solution flows onto the floor from three strategically placed holes at the bottom of the handle. When done dispensing, simply release the top knob button. Continue with easy mopping.

Ideal to use Serene Fresh, Ex Fresh, Serene Floral and Floral Fresh disinfectant and deodorizers with Sprinter Total Mop.

The Sprinter is ideal for surface cleaning situations in smaller areas where buckets are not needed. Ideal for cleaning wrestling mats, gymnastic mats, stairs, and facilities with sparse hard flooring.


  • 500 ml handle capacity for water and cleaning solution
  • Push and Spray mechanism for professional and easy mopping
  • High quality microfiber cloth


  • Brand: Filmop
  • Product Type: Sprinter Mop
  • Handle Capacity: 500 ml


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