Envon Metered Air Freshener
Product Description

Envon Metered Air Freshener

Forest Green and Misty Blue masks unpleasant odours and leaves a refreshing fragrance after each spray. The concentrated perfume content stays effective at longer spray intervals than other metered air freshener sprays.

The specially blended formulation, combining Quaternary Ammonium Compound and Ethanol effectively kills germs and bacteria, giving maximum protection against infection.

Use Forest Green and Forest Green with confidence in toilets, locker rooms, receptions, lounges, bars and other enclosed public areas to provide a fresh and pleasant environment. Compatible with most standard aerosol air freshener dispensers. Remove cap, place in dispenser, and turn unit on.


  • Brand: Envon
  • Product Type: Metered Air Freshener
  • Available Colour:
  • SKU: 20EVAFR3-12 - Misty Blue
  • SKU: 20EVAFR4-12 - Forest Green
S$ 74.52
(exc. GST)
S$ 79.74
(inc. GST)
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