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Ecosmart Sensor Bin 21l

Model: EK9288-21L
Brand: EKO

Product Details


  • Length: 27.2cm
  • Width: 27cm
  • Height: 57.5cm


Key Features

  • Model Number: EK9288
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Plastic bag fixer
  • 6 AA battery
  • Easy-Clip
  • Soft closing lid
  • Available in 21L, 28L, and 35L


EKO's standard in interior bins have been consistent for many years and with heavy investment to improve sensor technology, the EcoSmart sensor bin was crafted with urban lifestyle in mind. Convenience and hygiene are the keys when designing the EcoSmart sensor bin. 

Safety Compliance

ROHS Certification for Sensor Bins   Conformité Européenne

The EcoSmart sensor bin has an improved sensor chip that detects movement from the user and opens upon intelligent processing of hand gesture. Intensive R&D by EKO has gone into the movement of the lid ensuring that it opens as soon as your hand is detected with no delay. This feature has been touted as the most appealing feature for existing EKO sensor bin users as competitor sensors pales in comparison. Now you can have the convenience of an advanced sensor bin that fits perfectly into any corner of your interior space.

Engineering works have improved with the motor that powers the lid opening and closing. It is now faster and quieter with an innovative countdown indicator that is user-friendly, a premium feature found only in high-quality bins. There is little need to touch the bin now which improves the hygiene factor in your interior space, providing style and comfort to your family, guest and business associates.

EKO's EcoSmart Sensor Bin has won the Canton Fair Design Award for its build and design, completed with avant garde sensor technology. The build is consistent with all other EKO bins, allowing you to purchase with confidence. High quality brushed stainless steel with fingerprint resistant processing enables your bins to look at its best any time of the day with minimal maintenance needed.

Enjoy the ease of removable inner liners that makes changing of bag and taking out trash quick and clean. Inner liners are essential for wet Asian food. Hate lugging a plastic bag full of wet waste into the central disposal area? EKO Bin's inner liners make sure that you do not have to experience the tragic effect of plastic bag leakage.

Urban-oriented bins for your urban lifestyle. EcoSmart sensor bin is the innovative bin for your Smart Home.


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        SGD 149.90

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