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Druck Pace6000 Modular Pressure Controller c/w CM3 Module
Druck Pace6000 Modular Pressure Controller c/w CM3 Module
Product Description

The new PACE pneumatic modular pressure controller brings together the latest control and measurement technology from Druck to offer an elegant, fast, flexible and economical solution to pressure control for automated production, test and calibration.

PACE employs fully digital control to provide high control stability and high slew rate and market leading speed to setpoint whilst its digitally characterized pressure sensor offers the quality, stability, higher bandwidth and precision associated with this latest generation of piezo-resistive and TERPS devices.


  • Selection of Chassis and interchangeable control modules
  • Single, dual or auto range control module configurations
  • High speed pressure control - 5 seconds to fill 300CC *
  • Up to 210 bar 3000 psi/21 MPa gauge and absolute
  • Precision to 0.001% FS over calibrated temperature range
  • Accuracy 2, 3.5bar a 0.0016% rdg + 0.0033% FS 8-71bar a 0.0011% rdg + 0.0026% FS
  • Long-term stability from 0.0025% FS per annum
  • Barometric reference option
  • Utilises Druck’s new unique range of piezo-resistive and TERPS pressure sensor technology
  • 28 selectable pressure units and 4 user defined units
  • Switch Test, Leak Test, Test Program, Burst Test, Analogue output and Volt Free Contact options
  • Aeronautical option
  • Negative gauge calibration included as standard
  • High resolution colour touch screen operation
  • Intuitive icon task driven menu structure
  • Compatible with software packages
  • RS232, IEEE connectivity, Ethernet and USB as standard

PACE6000 chassis

  • Dual channel pressure controller chassis
  • With two PACE CM control modules fitted the PACE6000 can be used in single, auto-ranging or simultaneous dual pressure control mode*
  • Aeronautical option enabling full control in aeronautical units
  • No module pressure range ratio limit

PACE CM – high speed pressure control module

  • Interchangeable robust control module that is easily installed into a PACE chassis
  • Calibration data stored in the control module (only the CM needs to be sent away for re-calibration)
  • High speed pressure control
  • Wide choice of pressure ranges
  • Choice of standard, high, premium precision or reference accuracy pressure measurement
  • Barometric reference available to enable pseudo gauge/absolute indication & control
  • Aeronautical version
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