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Druck multi-function Calibrator
DPI 880
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The DPI 800 Series is a complete range of advanced, robust and simple to use hand-held instruments. Highly cost effective, these tools are ideal for test/calibration of many popular process parameters. Advanced features and technical innovations address more applications in less time and deliver results you can rely on.

The DPI 880 multi-function calibrator is an ultra compact and simple to use tool for testing, configuring and calibrating virtually all process parameters. it measures, sources and stimulates mA, mV, V, RTDs, thermocouples, ohms, frequency, pulses and pressures, captures switch values and provides 24v loop power.

• Sources and reads mA, mV, V, ohms, frequency and pulses
• Simulates and reads 8 RTDs and 12 thermocouples
• 32 pressure modules from 10 in H2 0 to 10,000 psi (25 mbar to 700 bar)
• Simultaneous dual reading capability
• Automatic switch test and pressure leak test
• 1000 point data storage with real time clock
• 24 V loop power supply
• HART® loop resistor
• Large backlit display
• Robust and weatherproof
• Compact, simple to use, easy to carry
• Convenient one-handed operation
• Plug/play connector for IDOS universal pressure modules

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