Dpc Damp Proof Coating
Product Description

Liquid Applied Elastic Membrane


 Toilet Waterproofing membrane that withstand soaking and movement.

 Tiling under tiles waterproofing.

 Roof Base Coat before Top Coat.

 Window a damp proof coating before installing the frame.

 Basements Ground level as waterproofing and vapour barrier

 Silage Storage Protect concrete from silage attack


 Single pack, water based, non-toxic, non-hazardous, solvent and plasticizer free.

 Quick drying (touch dry in 1 hour). Dry to form a tough semi-gloss finish.

 Good bonding to various substrates subject to thermal movement, withstand soaking.

 High toughness, flexibility, extensibility and good crack bridging properties

 Non-staining. Resistant to alkali and silage acids.

 Can be applied onto damp backgrounds.


 The surface must be clean, sound and free of dust, loose material or free surface water.

 The clean surface shall be primed by mixing DPC and water at a ratio of 1 : 1. Allow it to dry before 2nd or 3rd coat of DPC.


1. Avoid direct exposure to UV or excessive heat.

2. Water Ponding test should be carried out at least 4 days after all coats had been applied. Under unfavorable drying conditions, this may need to be extended.

3. Do not apply the DPC membrane when there is a high chance of rain.


 Touch-dry : 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on surrounding condition.

 Color : Black, Clear, White, Cement Tone.

 Elongation : 600 %

 Coverage : Metal Surface: 50– 60 m2 / 20 kg-pail (2 layers with thickness 0.4- 0.5 mm).

0.4 kg/m2

Concrete Surface: 28– 35 m2 / 20 kg-pail (2 layers with thickness 0.7- 0.8 mm).

0.7 kg/m2

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