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Dmp Air Balance Kit 2

Model: Air Balance Kit 2
Brand: OEM

Product Details

DPM Air Balancing Kit 2

The most comprehensive air balancing kit for the modern commissioning engineer. The DPM Hood uses a simple and effective differential flow grid in conjunction with the TT550 ‘V’ Series Micromanometer for volume, pressure and velocity measurements. The new Air Balancing Kit 2 has many unique and innovative features including: Unique transparent front panel on every canvas, ergonomic handles, redesigned base unit, starting volume from 5 l/sec up to 1000 l/sec, manual storage button and only weighs 3.8kg.

The TT 550SV model measures pressure in Pa, air velocity in m/sec and air volume in l/sec and m³/hr. The resolution of this micromanometer is 0.01 Pa. Please see the data sheet for full details.

Manufactured in UK

Supplied in a Wheeled Carrying Case with:

  • TT550 ‘SV’ Series Micromanometer,
  • DPM Ane™ Anemometer with Handle,
  • Base Unit,
  • 600mm x 600mm Capture Hood, with transparent front panel and frame,
  • 4 Poles,
  • Adaptor Plate,
  • Airflow Straighters ,
  • 3m Micromanometer Tubing in red and blue,
  • Instruction Manual and other documentation on a USB Memory Stick,
  • Tubing Adaptors,
  • Neck Sling,
  • Calibration Certificates,


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SGD 4,400.00
Air Capture Hood Canvases (options):
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