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Ditoss Electronic Copyboard CCB-3200M

Model: CCB-3200M
Brand: Ditoss

Product Details

Capture your mind digitally or on print…. With Ditoss Digital Copyboard no ideas written on the board is lost. Share your ideas with anyone by simply saving it to an USB external drive and email it out or print the written notes on the board and distribute. Engage, Energize and collaborate……

The functions of 3200 series models are same as 3400 Series models but this series comes with 2 panels. These series are the most economical models suitable for general meetings and educations.

Built-In USB Ports. Save the board contents on USB memory card or computer directly. Simple and Convenient System Upgrade. 3200 series is user upgradable. It’s easy and compatible with various printer models. High Quality and Resolution Image Process. Save and print out the board contents in high quality and resolution image file. Data Sharing and Reference. User can upload the board contents to web and it can be shared by online collaboration solution (optional). Excellent Design and Quality. User friendly design like normal whiteboard suitable for Enterprise, Factory, Laboratory, Schools, etc.

S$ 2160.00
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This product is discontinued.
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